"Fine" Reviewed by Americana UK


Meris Gantt didn’t realize it, but writing ‘Fine‘ was a way to process the grief and pain from the death of her father, it was whilst out hiking and reflecting on the lyrics that would become the song’s bridge that it became clear to her.  The song not only reflects on Gantt’s childhood but also provides a global perspective, tying in thoughts and emotions from the Covid-19 pandemic.  It’s clearly not an easy topic to address though, as Gantt acknowledges: “With anything emotionally difficult, you can’t see the forest for the trees until you’re out of the situation and your nervous system feels safe enough to come out and explore and seek healing.”  That had been her experience as a few years after losing her father, she started getting migraines, a byproduct of her unprocessed grief. That led her down the road towards giving up alcohol “Giving up alcohol was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it cracked my world wide open.  I’m inspired by cycle breakers, and anyone who has the courage to peel back the layers and seek a different way than those that came before them.”

Meris Gantt’s EP  ‘Forced Revival,’ from which today’s song is taken, is due out June 2nd.  Like ‘Fine‘, the rest of the EP draws on emotionally difficult topics  and addresses them with the same combination of folk with a dusting of bluegrass and Meris Gantt’s strong vocals which carry the weight of emotion with a sensitive clarity and lightness.

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