Meris Gantt Single " Fine" featured on Americana Highways

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Meris Gantt’s song “Fine” from her forthcoming album Forced Revival, due to be released on June 2.  Forced Revival was produced by Glenn Deuel of Deuel Studios. The song will be available on May 2.  

“Fine” is Meris Gantt on lead vocals; Glenn Deuel on rhythm guitar; Devin Lacey on lead guitar, fiddle and backing vocals;  Anna Huffman on stand up bass; Chad Berry on banjo; and Erin Deuel on backing vocals. Lovely acoustic melodies and Meris Gantt’s silky vocals combine to create a palpable feeling of longing.  Looking back for advice and a touch of hope for the future blend in the mix as well.  Mighty fine.  


I think “Fine” is my favorite song I’ve ever written. It feels honest and significant to my life but, at the same time, universal enough that it feels relevant to anyone going through something.


I like that it feels sad and nostalgic but, at the same time, filled with hope and acceptance.


I wrote it during the pandemic when I was working on giving up alcohol and reckoning with the change in lifestyle and identity that brings.


It was only when I was almost finished with the song that I realized it was a conversation with my father, who had passed away years before. This was the first time I was able to process that grief in the form of a song, so it felt like a big step forward for me in that journey. — Meris Gantt

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