New EP "Forced Revival" Review by Alan Cackett

A beautiful soul, spirit and power all wrapped up in one girl, North Carolina’s Meris Gantt recalls the raw storytelling of revered folk-country artists Gillian Welch and Mary Gauthier on this, her debut solo release.  Co-founder of Boone-based Mountain Radio…

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"Forced Revival" Review by FATETA



"Fascinated by the Appalachian Mountain sounds that echoed through her coastal North Carolina home", Gantt dodges many of the cliches of Appalachian folk, while managing to embrace the sparse acoustic feel that makes it a unique…

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Atwood Magazine Feature is Live

I didn’t grow up seeing gender inequality in anything. My Mom raised me and my four sisters to do whatever we wanted with no regard for those societal norms. It’s only been in the past few years that I’ve questioned…

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